God of War: The Lost Pages of Norse Myth

Crafting an ancient mythology to engage a modern audience



About this Project

For millions of gamers, the God of War series is sacred. So when the newest game was announced, fans were stunned to learn that the franchise’s popular setting in Greek myth had changed to a new world of Norse legends.

Filled with unfamiliar characters, untested weapons, and unexplored realms, fans needed evidence to believe that this game could be the best God of War yet. And they would have questions about what to expect in the year-long wait for the game—with only a few official trailers expected to be released.

Norse mythology is recorded in a historical tome known as the Prose Edda, which of course doesn’t include any stories of the heroes from a video game. However, like any ancient manuscript, pages have gone missing over time. The Lost Pages of Norse Myth was designed to tell these “missing stories” and integrate the game’s heroes into Norse legend through rich storytelling across a range of mediums.

With engaging content released month after month, The Lost Pages campaign generated astounding results, with over 944M impressions and nearly 850,000 social mentions. God of War went on to become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive title ever, proof that fans’ interest and excitement endured in the year leading up to launch.

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About This Project