POTUS Chat Sticker Pack

An iMessage Sticker Pack for expressing huge ideas



About this Project

The new lingua franca of social communication includes a copious amount of Stickers. I wanted to learn what goes into the process of making a Sticker Pack for Apple’s extraordinarily successful Messages Sticker Store, so I developed the POTUS Chat Sticker Pack to understand the ins and outs of creating a Sticker Pack.

Developed primarily as a parody of the ongoing political discourse in our country, the POTUS Chat Sticker Pack allows users to peel off stickers and actually place them over the message bubbles of friends as a form of digital “interruption”, inspired by the contentious televised presidential debates.

Stickers can also be sent as individual messages to make an especially huge point, or used to adorn favorite photos to make them even greater. I mean really great. So great. You won’t believe it.

Digital, Social Media
About This Project