Shadow of Mordor: Torvin’s Journal

An engaging series of social posts make it into the game? Now we’re Tolkien.

About This Project

Leading up to the launch of Shadow of Mordor—a game which would go on to win over 200 awards—fans were introduced to this expansion of Tolkien’s beloved Middle-earth on social media through a series of Charles Darwin-esque journal entries, written from the perspective of Torvin, a surly Dwarf you meet during the game.

Each journal entry depicted a different element players would experience in the game, from geographic landmarks, to the weapons used to dispatch enemies, to the beasts and villains you’ll encounter traveling across the Black Lands of Mordor.

The client was so pleased with the results that they decided to include Torvin’s Journal entries in the game itself—adding them as hidden collectible items in the Lord of the Hunt DLC pack—and even bringing back Torvin’s voice actor to narrate the journal entries. What an honor!

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